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Individual Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Do you need dental insurance for yourself and your family? Maybe you are a small-business owner who wants to protect your family’s oral health. Perhaps you work for a company that doesn’t provide affordable coverage for your dependents. Family Trust Insurance LLC and United Financial Associates Inc, a local, independent insurance agency, partners with several top insurance carriers to provide coverage options for Las Vegas individuals and families.

Affordable Las Vegas Dental Insurance

Good dental hygiene and proper oral care have been linked to overall health in a number of studies. The right dental insurance can help you afford regular cleanings and critical dental care for yourself and your children. Most dental plans will provide routine cleanings at no extra charge, and some plans can help you choose the dentist that is right for you and your family. Since individuals with dental insurance are more than twice as likely to schedule regular dental checkups, can you afford not to purchase this important coverage?

Family Trust Insurance LLC and United Financial Associates Inc, an independently owned and operated insurance company, exists to help customers throughout Nevada. We work for you, not for some big, national chain. Let us help you find the right individual or family coverage for your dental needs.

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